Multi Boot Manager For Defy

Saturday, 28 April 2012
Want to Run Many Roms in your Defy Then now you can run number of roms in your defy By Using Multi Boot Manager App

1) Rooted Motorola Defy/Defy+/Bravo with 2nd init bootmenu installed
2) Multiboot feature by m11kkaa 0.51

* Supports any number of ROMs
* Full support for multiboot 0.51
* Support multiple fsimages
* Create, recycle and format virtual systems.
* Delete, rename and edit description of each entry.
* Shows size of the VFS.
* Much more..

What is this For?
A manager for Virtual File Systems (fsimages) in your sdcard.

How to use this?
1) First of all a custom ROM should be installed as base. Preferably the latest CM9/CM7 nightly to get the latest 2nd-init bootmenu.
2) Then flash by m11kkaa.
3) Install  MultiBootManagerFree From Here
4) Now open Mult Boot Manager from app drawer. Create new VFS from options. You can see now the new VFS listed. You just created your first VFS.
5) If you need MBM to detect your already existing VFS folders. You have to move them to /mnt/sdcard/multiboot.
6) Instructions for using multiboot 0.51 here, thanks joydeep1985.
7) If you have coming from leodfs multiboot, you have to restart from step 1. I hope you have enough knowledge to figure out which steps to skip.
8) Rest of the options in MultiBootManager are pretty self explanatory. Please make use of the context menu(long click menu).
9) Please report bugs and any features you want. I'm bit busy now but I'll fix/implement them later.
10) This app now works in virtual system also. 
11) This app will work on all GB and ICS ROMs with 2nd init.


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